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48 - Sunni

Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia

Jun 22, 2021 22:32

I am a da'eeya (Islamic counselor). Making sure to live life as commanded by Allah, educated,caring and family-oriented. . More details can be provided later in shaa Allah.

I'm looking for an educated yet humble Truthful , loyal, understanding, sincere practicing Muslim (no innovation and shirk or superstitious beliefs) , without any bad habits( no smoking drinking, immorality or any sort of addictions ) and someone who can be a good father to my kids as well and I too will be a compassionate mother to his kids in shaa Allah if they have lost their mom .
Fraudulent , liars , egoistic , prejudiced , selfish, irresponsible, abusive nature are NOT accepted please. Music and movie fans are not my choice. Just a simple and humble Muslim who practice and live life in a way pleasing Allah doing all good leading to Jannah and lead the family towards Jannah.
Ethnicity indian