56 - Sunni

Melbourne/Victoria, Australia

Feb 22, 2019 20:43

EsSelamu Aleykum.My name is Turhan. I`m elhamdulullah sunni muslim n I`m Turkish but I have been living Melbourne Australia long time, I myself have dual citizenship Turkish and Australian. I`m on pension.I am 56 years old.I am divorced. I have my own house paid off. I`m looking for sunni muslim single girl/woman aged between 28 to max 34 years old, who never married n never had child b4 the reason I`m looking for younger woman to have our children in the future inshaalah,she has to has good ahlak, physically n mentally healthy , educated . Practicing the islam , wear hijab n dresses as Islamic ways all the time n prays 5 times a day, Fast during the month of Ramadan,Reads the Quran daily, fallows the Quran n our prophet Muhammed`s SAV `s sunnets n hadisis n never smokes , not wearing lots off jewelleries or too much make ups .I like n believe in natural beauty . Some one very supportive, patient, honest, caring and most importantly have a positive outlook in life. She has to be trustworthy, I speak straightforward to everyone. I don't like fake, liars and cheaters. She has to be respectful and be matured n have to have a soft hearted n gentle n softly spoken. My expectation is just to have humble and simple family orientated that is bound together with love of our dean and Sunna. I love to have a partner who is honest and straight forward and she should have to fear of Allah who will help me to be better muslim .
I am looking to meet a caring and lovely woman who can I trust n to spend the rest of my life time with, someone to start a new family have our our children n rise them together rest of our life,somebody to share my life, to take care of me and who let me take care of her, patient, respect women, loyal and the most important she is religious.

I don`t know where my nasib is it might be in other country, then if we match n liked each other n if she is in my searching category n if we like each other n if u r the right person what I`m looking for I can married to muslim girl from overseas as well only Allah knows it, it`s kader n kismet n nasib
If you think you are in my search category please write to me and maybe we can be a good match but I love to make friend first to get to know each other better and then we see where it takes us to marriage or not ?
If you are interested to get to know me can you please tell me more about yourself n your family n family members, thank you.
Hooping to hear from u soon
If you want to know more, please dont hesitate to ask.
Please note, I will not respond to messages without profile picture. We are not here for hide n seek!
Selamun aleykum.
Have a good day.
Regards Turhan.