56 - Sunni

Melbourne/Victoria, Australia

Oct 16, 2019 13:29

Assalamu Aleykum.
My name is Turhan.
I am Turkish background.
Practising n follower of Islam religion,sunni muslim.
I live in Melbourne Australia n rest of my life I will live here I have no intension of moving to other country or to Turkey.
If you are true practising born sunni muslim n follower of Islam religion the Quran or propeth Muhammeds sunnets n his hadiths n wear muslim way of dress n wear hijab, pray 5 times aday, read the Quran,fast during month of Ramadan ,give zekat ,fitre , sadaka,secrify an animal in Kurban Eid, teach our future children the Islam n be good muslim.
I am looking for single born n practissing sunni muslim girl 28 n 35 years old, never married before single no kids n want to kids after our marriage and if you r n have very religious background ( NO CONVERTS PLEASE ).
If you are interested to get to know me, can you please tell me more about yourself n your family n family members, and your education etc thank you.
I prefer people leaving in Australia with permenant viza or Australian citizen.
Hooping to hear from u soon
If you want to know me more, please dont hesitate to ask.
Selamun aleykum.
Have a good day.
Regards Turhan.