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80 - Sunni

Egypt, Aruba

May 7, 2020 00:12

I am prof. of economics and Jurisprudence of business. trading in Islam. i have been patient long years may my wife change her bad customs but i was sudden through the last ten years that my life has changed from bad to live worse to live unbearable life. i did not divorce her but separated leaving the decision to her whether to be second wife or to be divorced. She is weak minded and insist on the same behaviors she follows. She confesses that she was sad when i got my doctorate degree.i said that as an example of thousands. I said that because of the difference of age when i ask the hands of a lady. I am now 77 years old but still can perform the job of coition with my new bride. I want some lady who is pretty one , loving , i can see a smile always upon her lips.honest , sincere must be not more than nearly fifty not willing to betray Allah , His messenger and her husband. i am now . thanks.