32 - Sunni

Suriname paramaribo, Suriname

Jul 11, 2020 08:08

My insta blog: j.decembergirl_relationships

I am truly a generous person. Everyday I think about ways to help people. This characteristic trait has been with me since I've known myself. I've made this instagram blog 👆🏻 to help males & females find their match fast, make the speed dating successful & helping them improve their conversation skills.
This blog can be found on google, if you don't have an insta account. ..for those who are interested to give it a look.

Anyways, I'm here to look for my match.
I'm a feminist..so, I wouldn't settle for a sexist man.
Holla at me if you're a feminist.
I don't discriminate people.
Especially not because of their gender.
Men and women are equals to me.
No person is better than or superior to another.