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28 - Sunni

Dinajpur Sadar, Dinajpur, Bangladesh

May 3, 2020 18:43

Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wabaraqatuhu,
I am Sadman, 25 years old muslim from Dinajpur Bangladesh. I am a citizen of Bangladesh.
I am practicing my deen and trying to follow the sunnah in the best way possible. Islam lets you find the decent pleasure in life by following the clearest verses of Quran and the teachings of sunnah of our prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). I am abide by this deem and my whole conviction is based on Quran and sunnah. I am also learning and being a student of knowledge, a daiye (Islamic preacher) in online E dawah campaigns (HudaTV E Dawah program). Also volunteering in many Islamic events and trying my best to spread the beautiful message of islam to non-muslims and muslims. I am teaching new muslims how to follow the Islamic life and worship Allah ajjawajjal. Im learning the seerah of prophet Muhammad (PBUH). I am studying Islamic fiqh under shaikh assim bin lukmaan al hakeem. Also trying to memorize the Quran, reading hadiths. I am always learning to get my knowledge higher and better. I am also studying akeeda, Arabic language (which is still on the process). I am attending dars of Quran of my favourite scholars online or in masjids. I don’t came from a religious study background but I’m self-studying a lot and also connecting to my local imam or shaikh online for any further help. I’m helping all my brothers around to learn about deen. Have been spending times with them in my university off times and giving naseehah as much as I can. Alhamdulillah after being a practicing muslim I keep a beard. As I am a Bangladeshi, the nationality is not a barrier as I uphold my deen over everything. I believe nation is not a barrier in case of following Islamic perspective. My mission is to spread the dawah and living the simplest life ever
Talking of career and study, I am a student (undergraduate) in final years in computer Science & engineering in Hajee Muhammad Danesh Science & Technology University, Dinajpur. I am also doing part time teaching. Also I do graphic design, video editing, project managing, Game development etc. under the sharia rulings. I am trying to getting engaged with Islamic media and Islamic book Publisher Company for further. Also I am willing to be a developer under a software company. Either way, I am giving priority on my halal state than following haram state and paid better. I believe in Allah’s rijk and I am obliged to leave anything for that. My family is trying to follow the deen, but they find it hard. I want your duah to make it easy for them. My Father is Government service Officer, mother is housewife. I have a small brother who is fresher in university.

The purpose of my life is to submit my will to Allah almighty. And finding halal job is also a trial for now, but the rijk of Allah is enough for my life.
I like to spend my time with books especially Islamic books, seerah, I always love to read the Quran every day and the tafseers. I like to travel sometimes, eat good foods, spending times with children, I like to cook but im still learning, I also like to listen to lectures of my favourite scholars (Eg, Shaikh assim al hakeem, shaikh Dr Zakir naik, Shaikh nouman ali khan, mufti ismail musa menk, shaikh sady Suleiman, shaikh dr Muhammad salah, shaikh omer Suleiman, shaikh kamal el mekki etc).
I dislike music and television. I don’t like nasheeds also which people says halal but still I try to hear rarely. I don’t like being dishonest, and I avoid arguing. I am far away from free mixing and secular social gathering, if it is a must, I try to reduce the harm as much as I can.

I do jokes, I make people laugh a lot. I believe smile is a sunnah. Always ask my buddies a lot of not important questions to make them really disturbed. Sometimes I do dubbed version of them to make things weird. I like to do acting, I have few brothers and some younger brothers to have a lot of good times.
I have attended lots of seminars on dawahs, ilm. I completed SSC (Secondary School Certificate) from Bogra Zilla School in 2013. I completed HSC (Higher secondary School Certificate) from Govt Azizul Haque College, Bogra in 2015