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40 - Sunni

Zarqa, Jordan

May 25, 2020 00:02

Assalam Alikom. People who know me feel safe, optimistic and energetic when they are closed to me. They describe me as a disciplined man with moral behaviors, informative life, and with a sense of humor. If I want to describe myself, however, I would rather prefer to say that neither am I a nervous nor am I a calm person and that I always try to be fair to the limit that isn't very humble.

In relation for Islam, I am an Arab guy who worked with Islamic books publishing houses and specialized in editing such specialized books, so I have a solid knowing of Quran and Sunna language. Plus, I have a degree in Foundations of Islam which is the university major that specializes in Islam in detail, so I know well about our religion alhamdulillah.

For Marriage, honestly speaking, I am a man who likes females a lot; especially their appearance and talk, and although supply is around, I fear from Allah SWT to involve into adultery, that's why I look to niche a fruitful, lovely and committed female into my life with whom we all reach Paradise in shaAllah.

More details are easily acceptable upon chatting.