23 - Sunni

Tual, Indonesia

Jul 11, 2020 10:35

hi my name is lyli i am 24 years and i am a nice girl inshaAllah i am here looking for a good man who is afraid of god and serious for marriage soon inshaAllah, i don't have a high education i am a girl from a simple family, Alhamdulillah I follow the rules of Islam and fear of God because i want to into jannah with my husband inshaAllah, I want to build a family immediately, and if you are serious come to my country inshaAllah, i like guy did pray 5 times, fear of Allah, love his family and his parents, and follow the sunnah of the Prophet. inshaAllah if we match we wil meet here
Sometimes the treasures and things of the world make us forget everything... May Allah always guide us for the right path amen