70 - Sunni

Djerba , Tunisia

Apr 5, 2020 13:48


Salaamu Alaykum!

I'm Omar, a retired teacher with a Big Heart & a Keen sense of Humor.

A Revert, I've been a Practising Muslim since 1987.
People mostly guess my age at 55-60.

Interests, after my Deen, are Horseback riding, World Politics & surfing the Internet.

As weather permits, I also do gardening, or go swimming in the summer. The Villa I Rent {2bed} is situated just 5 min from the Med Sea.

I live in Djerba/Tunisia, but am Russo-Swedish by origin. My languages are, in order of proficiency, English, Swedish, Spanish and French.

I seek a Loving, Traditional, Good-hearted & Soft-spoken, Practicing True Muslima.
I know it's a Lot to ask these days, but I will NOT settle for less. If you're a Revert, like me, that's fine too.

Age 35-55, give or take a few years.

To Scammers I say this: I NEVER SEND MONEY TO ANYONE! Got That?!

However, should we agree to get Married, I Will of course Buy you a Flight, if required.

You need to speak 1 of my 4 languages, (on top of your native language) at least to a conversational {minimum} level.
Please be willing to RELOCATE to my Jannah of Dunya. ♥️

Welcome Sisters! 🌹🌹🌹



Age: 42 / sunni



Age: 27 / sunni