26 - Sunni

Cork, Ireland

Mar 24, 2020 10:38

Revert to Islam 5 years ago Al hamdulillah. I've spent the last 4 years in Ireland working for big companies such as dell, Airbnb, amazon but feel there's more to life than corporate life. I am planning to get a sabbatical year and get a yoga teacher certification + diploma in coding. Will take that as an opportunity to learn Arabic and memorise Quran inshAllah (maybe spending few months in Arabic speaking country)

I like to spend time with friends; do sport such as yoga, fitness; get involved with local Muslim community; read books (big fan of fantasy); bake/cook and learn about Islam. I also write poetry when I feel like it 😊 not too sure where I want to live in the next few years, so open to suggestions.

I look for someone whom I can trust, discuss and will encourage me to go outside of my comfort zone, building strong friendship and family inshAllah. Someone who understands the value of tawasaw bíl haq wa tawasaw bí sabr.