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40 - Shia

Ardanil, Iran

Nov 24, 2023 16:29

Please read my profile carefully and leave a message if you like. lam here only for good marrige.lhope to find sutible man for living with him.I'm here because I thought maybe my half-lost somewhere be other than my own country. I love earthly, faithful, kind, and rich men for life. I will have an Iranian wedding, which means that how want me should come to Iran with his family and we do wedding celebration, and then we will start life.l am a religious person and I do not like to talk with a non-mahram about forbidden things. So please do not call me if you are looking for such things. And I can't be Mahram anyone on the phone, remotely, without full knowledge.Don't be bothered those who are looking for s*x by phone and whose intention is not marriage.Respect each other's rights, please, and do whatever we like for ourselves and our loved ones for others. And you, dear sir, have whatever you want with your sister and daughter.I don't want to marry someone younger than myself.Unfortunately, I have not seen an honest person here until now.