32 - Sunni

Suriname paramaribo, Suriname

Mar 28, 2020 09:30


Let me start to say that I won't be able to relocate to a different country, because I have a good job here. It wouldn't be wise to move to a country for a man..knowing that I could not have a good job there. So, I don't wanna give people false hope.
I'm honest & straight forward..so 🙏

I'm all about morality, obedience to Allah swt & humanity

If you fulfill these requirements, you can text me:
1. Practicing sunni (salah, fasting, zakat)
2. Wants no children
3. Has own house or lives alone
(cuz i dont want to live with in laws)
4. No smoking, alcohol & only eats halal (I only eat from sunnis)
5. Has perfect manners ( doesn't hurt others, doesn't cheat, doesn't gossip, doesn't watch indecent things like p**n etc)
6. Treats me as his equal (not like I'm inferior or his maid and treats me the way he would treat himself)

Don't bother texting me if you don't have these qualities.