36 - Sunni

Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

Jun 12, 2020 03:05

Asalaam walikum, thank you for snooping

I'll get to the point Inshallah.
My friends would describe me as quiet, happy and funny.

I'm often confused for looking bad boy but I'm really not at all like that so please if you're one of them who needs drama and that fire I'm not for you.

I've been learning to love Islam and it's beauty and I want nothing more than to improve and soften my heart for the love of Allah.
I'm all about the mush, I'm spiritual, love nature, adventures and writing poems...
I'm like a hippy muslim

I'm an out going introvert and sensitive to the beauty of life.

After many years, I have come to realise I wish to live a simple life.

I am highly motivated in caring others, I consider myself selfless, would go out my way to help , advice and try to comfort anyone.
I am keen in personal development in relevance that can help another fellow person.
like any personality trait being selfless does have its draw back. I find it difficult to help myself thus I would like a spouse who is optimistic and caring.

I am ambitious but no longer career orientated so this is going to cut down about 98% of my chances of a spouse. The reason being is that I have been career driven in the past but this hardened my heart and I became arrogant and started having high expectations until one day Allah took it all away from me. Therefore, I seek refuge in that reminder and so wealth is not written for me. **People fail to realise that there is a Fitnah against wealth**

I have been in many khutbas, talks and circles and the general topic is about the goals of people and the chasing of money.
I don't want it to be my primary goal in life. I have observed many marriages and relationships and I have yet to see a successful career driven marriage.

However, that doesn't mean I won't work, no no =) I know my duties as a husband and the rights of a wife. For the right spouse she would be my passion and drive to work for the sake of Allah and my family. Looking for a supportive partner Inshallah.

Nothing makes me more happier than to see my future spouse smile, and nothing will make me more passionate for her than when she is supportive at my lowest.

I have my own place, I drive and I am close to my family.

What I'm looking for:

Optimistic, bubbly type, someone who could enjoy a few team ups on video games and picnics.
I want a spouse who would be a team player and just live life beautifully.

It doesn't matter what background you are from as long as you have more Islamic characteristics then culture

Someone who's into her deen. A sensible girl who is loving and caring.
Someone who is truthful, and what I mean by truthful is someone who says something and actuslly upholds it.

I do believe it's important to take care of our minds and body. Allah has prescribed us things that help focus on achieving a healthy body, character and conduct.

I want my warrior by my side, who would protect me from my sins and I protect her, who would nourish my heart and I would nourish her smiles.

'one who appreciates knows no drama.'

I love the idea of finding my one who will wander this life with me and inshallah improve each other and love without envy.

If you watch speakers of the likes of
Nouman Ali Khan ,
Mufti Menk ,
Yasmin Mogahed.

and you're all about trying to increase spiritually, this is what I'm looking for.

Final thing if you are interested don't be shy just say hi I will gaurentee to reply, if I'm not interested I'l say it right away don't take it to heart I beg you. I won't be messaging first because I know loads of guys would be on case and I don't wanna be compared nor just a number to feed their insecurities or whatever mood one is. please message
e if your interested I'l always reply Insha'Allah.



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