25 - Sunni

antartica, Malaysia

May 25, 2020 00:47

strict -
palestine,iran,iraq,bangladesh,pakistan,india,afghanistan,african,nigeria dont contact me
if u send message to insult me as youre feeling rejected/ well u have to respect someone's preferences and islam forbid these kind of behaviour if youre a true muslim and a wise man u wont do this thing (this list country please stop sending me message sorry if your message is unread)

looking for someone decent to talk to, we can begin friendship for the sake of allah and see how it goes
must no criminal record not a thieft,never rob, religious, open minded but not liberal, educated , good moral , mature minded , not stingy and calculative in term of money, positive , independent , never been married/ divorced/not a widow

i join this site not bcs i have nobody around me to pick but im looking for variety ,someone with the best chemistry, free to be myself around him feel like he's the best friend
peopl say women at my age should immediately get married but thats totally wrong u shouldnt marry if u dont feel convince in that person and if being unmarried is the best its totally fine
if u instantly ask me to marry u i will block u
if u come just to flirt me i will block u

whenever u knw someone ask yourself this q
-what if u get prolonge disease how much the person is willing to do for u
can look after u ?
want to marry u for the sake of getting married or want to marry u bcs he doesnt want to marry anybody else but u
pure intention or for visa?

i have graduated in bachelor of bba
i think im a shy but very friendly if i get comfortable
looking for someone who love to cooking
if u cant with texting u want only calling phone better dont send me request message

account with no profile picture i wont consider to see the message/reply
note im not able to read all messages
sorry if your messages are unread