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61 - Sunni

Sg, Singapore

Mar 28, 2020 05:21

I am Black

A Revert of 22 years, al hamdullilah.
Singapore Citizen
Resident in Singapore for 20years
Snr Islamic Business & IT Consultant
Operates Own Company & Business in Singapore
Happily Married
Seeking Second Marriage for Business expansion in the region.

A muslimah, who is permissibly covered, obeys all of Islam, not just selected portions, loves education, has a quick wit, smiles a lot, requires Islamic security in a world of darkness, where Islam is the only beacon of light.

(Al hamdulillah for Islam)

Islamically dapper, and social aware, evolved with behavioral refinements. (Western Gentleman with Islamic Adabs)

Al hamdulillah
Able-bodied, Slim (no fat, no paunch) Athletic, shaved head(not bald) 6ft'1inch, short beard of pepper and salt colour.

But No social media presence.

Insha allah
Available to parties who see me as suitable candidate.

Beware of Satan, for the safety of your religion. He has lost all hope that he will ever be able to lead you astray in big things, so beware of following him in small things.

(Managing Your Expectations)

(Al hamdulillah, by Allah's(swt) Leave And Mercies)
(0) Black World-aware, trained, educated, ambitious and accomplished permissibly neat, permissibly "non-boring" bearded and shaved, not bald Muslim Spouse with deep and wide cross-disciplinary skillsets with own Business-IT Consulting Operations, Consulting both on conventional and Muslim operations, but specializes in transitioning Conventional Operations to Permissible Operations.

(1) Islamically and chronologically mature Muslim Spouse with Islamic Right Conduct enjoining you the right and forbidding you the wrong.

(2) Islamically and chronologically mature Muslim Spouse that provides wife with her complete Islamic Rights and enables her to make the most of enjoying those Rights.

(3) Muslim Spouse that observes both sunnah and wajib rituals and conduct, salat, saum, zakat, umrah etc.

(4) Muslim Spouse with Muslim Adhabs all the time.

(5) Muslim Spouse who dresses like and speak like a Muslim all the time.

(6) Muslim spouse who is covered and look like a Muslim matching his wife's Muslim dress and not allow her to be covered Islamically while he dresses like Westerner.

(7) Insha Allah, Islamic Support and Protection for life of Relationship.

(8) Guaranteed support and acceptance and family integration from very sincere knowledgible and pious Muslim wife.

(8) Islamically quiet and sound nikah with agreed practical and furure-proofed dowry.

(Insha allah, by Allah's(swt) Leave And Mercies)
(0) Educated and Ambitious and accomplished Muslim family members awaiting your arrival.

(1) Blended and happy Muslim family members with guaranteed sincere affection and worry-free treatment.

(2) Islamically supportive and receptive family members.

(3) Your rights and unenvied time as agreed for your personal, professional and alone time for your, satisfaction growth, recreation and development.

(4) Your choice to exercise your right to be apart of or not be a part of planned or just-in-time blended family activities, without rancour or worry.

(Insha allah, by Allah's(swt) Leave And Mercies)
(0) Willing to train and Integrate trainable Spouse in current operations at the board and/or management level with the required skillsets to be functional and paid functionary in current operations with primary responsibility for country operations. "Director Country Operations "

(1) Provide wife with required upkeep plus assured salary according to your business operational functions for your own purpose as Allah(swt) provides insha Allah.

(2)Willing to train and Integrate trainable members of Spouse's family in current operations at the level of current education and/or trained and trainable competence in country or other operations as paid personnel and functionary for as long as they wish insha allah.

(3) Willing to accept "Silent Partner" options if business does not excite you and you would rather do other Islamically productive active for and behalf of yourself or the operations in corporate responsibility.

(Insha allah, by Allah's(swt) Leave And Mercies).

(0) Operations related Travel for mostly business and family visits on your time and blended familiy time.

(2) (a) Reasonably Instant Permanent Residency in Developed Asian country (b) Immediate citizenship options in World Sports, Culture leading Caribbean country.

(Insha allah, by Allah's(swt) Leave And Mercies)

(0) Execution Ready Business and Productivity Sound Development Plans for Small Business Development and Incubation, Public/Private Collaborations and International In/Out Bilateral Trade Channels.

(1)International Water Business Operations.

(2) First International Muslim Owned, icon-beating and Operated Coffee Franchise.

There are many choices here for everyone. I may not be lucky to see you, although you are the one.
If you are the one I may also take a longer time to find you.

Insha Allah, if you do see these words, please feel free to reach out first to get my attention so I may followup to ascertain whether you will have this Muslim and his options and possibilities. Aameen aameen al hamdulillahi rabbil aalameen.

Oh You Who Believe | " Truly, Allah has decreed some obligations, so do not neglect them, and He has forbidden certain matters, so do not perpetrate them, and He established some boundaries, so do not violate them. "Every action not based on our instruction is rejected " [Muslim]

(4:65) "But no, by your Lord, they can have no faith until they make you (Muhammad, (pbuh) ) judge in all disputes between them, and find in their souls no resistance against your decisions, but accept them with the fullest conviction."

3:13 So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?