27 - Sunni

java, Indonesia

Feb 21, 2020 04:02


Strive to be a thankful slave of Allah , purely worship Him without any partners. Strict to the sunnah and the way of pious predecessors, inshaAllah.

A person who trying to get the Forgiveness of Allah and His Pleasure. looking for partner to collaborate with me to seek His Pleasure and His Paradise.

To life with me in the frame of 'ibaadah , Worshiping Allah alone purely without any partners(shirk) and following the Revelation Texts with pure valid methodology and understanding of prophet Muhammad -salallahu 'alayhi wa sallam- (Sunnah) and his companion as much as possible (Salafus Salih)

I'm a truth seeker , truth lover , striving to accept and follow the truth. the big fan of the leaders of the truth such as all messengers and all prophets of Allah, -salallahu 'alayhim wa sallam- especialy prophet Muhammad and Ibraham -salallahu 'alayhima wa sallam-.

I run my own business now , Alhamdulillah.
Hate the falsehood , arrogance & lie. and very hate bid'ah , shirk & kufr.

I'm a salafi . dominant , strong willed. and I have a plan to migrate and life in Madinah , InshaAllah.

I love knowledge ('ilm) and want to be a scholar or at least follow their path. the inheritors of prophets.


I'm looking for a salafi woman who are humble , honest and loves knowledge ('ilm). so my future children can be raised in good way and with good support , so they can become scholars or ulamaa'.

A woman who always try to improve herself , her relationship with Allah and practice pure Islam (Sunnah).