30 - Sunni

Plateau , Nigeria

Aug 19, 2020 21:58

I’m khadeeja
I’ve never married I was born and brought up in the part of the northern Nigeria and now living with my parents.
I’ve never smoking neither drinking I hate cheating and lies too and it’s not my habits at all. My hobbies are watching movies/series film, traveling, walking and gym.
Alhamdulillah I was born and raised Muslim, I’ve home training.
I’m basically calm and a cool girl who can adjust in any kind situation and I can tolerate stress too.
But judging my decision without knowing the cause behind that decision makes me angry most of the time.
So, whoever finds me interested, don’t hesitate to ask whatever wants to know about me. If you think I’m here to play please don’t waste my precious time.
⚠️ I’m not here for chatting or making friends that will keep me company, I’m only here for serious relationship which will leads to marriage InshaaAllah ⚠️
I can share my email and phone number for private chat, InshaaAllah we can do vd call to see each other😍
Thank you 😊🙏