29 - Sunni

Sindh karachi, Pakistan

Feb 10, 2020 12:58

Assalam_o_alykum_warahmatu_ALLAH_i_wabarakatuh, let me try to think a little bit about myself and my life partner.

I am a 28-yea old Muslim man, I have studied MS Energy and Environment from Hamdard University Karachi. I am working in Electrical field job in a private organization. I’m more of an adventurous person. I enjoy seeking knowledge and connection with nature. I also try to keep myself up to date with the world’s advancement in terms of technologies and many more. I’m also an avid learner. I intend to expand my knowledge on my religion comparative other general aspects of life.
I am willing to practicable Muslim, finding who works hard to better in my relationship with my Maker and tries to be committed to Islam in the best way possible. I have conservative values and attach importance to the commitment to halal and haram acts, looking the same in my partner. I living a simple life and in my free time, I read QURAN with translation and try to Understand the meaning and purpose of life. I like walking in greenery or forestation areas for nature observation. I love nature or ALLAH-subhanhu creation which exists everywhere in the surrounding. I feel ALLAH-subhanhu in everywhere they give me the happiest smile moment through observations. I am very conscious of every relation of mine. I do not believe on physical appearance, I only believe that your actual beauty is in your mind and soul, if you have positive thoughts and fair about your relations then you are the most beautiful person in this world.
The most important thing I would look in my prospective spouse would be the dimension of commitment to Islam, as I think of Islam and faith of ALLAH-subhanhu the most valuable thing a human being can have in this world. I would like him to practice Islam in reality, to be tolerant towards others, to know how to empathize with other people, certainly not be quick-tempered, to be respectful to his parents. As I attach too much importance to trying to be a good Muslim, I would like him to be willing to improve himself, Islam.
What I'm looking for: A practicing Muslima who wishes to better his relationship with his Maker as well and tries his best to act accordingly. Someone who actively educates himself both in deen and on other aspects of life so that he can make wise decisions. I want someone with the best of character and manners just like the Prophet (may peace and blessings be upon him), someone who will mother my children to the best of his ability and give them the best upbringing. Finally, I want a companion who will take me to Jannah.

I'm here to find someone in halal. I wish to find a righteous spouse. I'm giving my time and dedication to this cause in a halal way.
Now some days I'm in Karachi and I belong from a middle-class family and do the job. I speak Urdu, Punjabi and seeking some English, Arabic languages. Don’t msg me if you are a rich background. I am looking for someone who will Support for intend fear of ALLAH-subhanhu and Guide me for a day of judgment. I will do the same for my partner, if anyone Aalima or Hafiza may be preferred.
If you are interested, then kindly send me your study or other information with details at my google id which is shahzadaeg at the rate Google.



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