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33 - Sunni

Midlothian, United Kingdom

Nov 28, 2023 08:38

I try to be practicing. I have beard. My religion is very important to me and I always wear dress closer to the sunnah. Further details:

School of thought: Hanafi, does not celebrate Mawlid etc (All are welcome, provided mutual respect is maintained)
Occupation: Research Associate (Work Visa)
Education: PhD (Electronic Engineering)
Nationality: Pakistani (Came to UK in 2018). One of my sibling's family is in UK and are British national. Rest of the siblings and parents are in Pakistan. I plan to live here as long as the religious matters are not disturbed.

Looking for:
1. A practicing or willing to practice revert/born muslim.
2. A content person.
3. Younger than me.

Feel free to ask questions.

I have purposely not uploaded my picture but will have a video call or in person meeting at the appropriate time during the contact. So, plz do not contact me if you are not serious about marriage.



Age: 26 / sunni

United Kingdom


Age: 39 / sunni

United Kingdom