22 - Sunni

Matrouh, Egypt

Dec 7, 2019 11:37

Still a medical student in Egypt. Willing to move to UK for proceeding my Owen career. I will travel back to Egypt in holidays.
I have a 6 member family 3 sisters and my Dad and Mam.
I love my family a lot I would die for them every hour ????????.
I am a sarcastic man always smiling leaving my hard expression for the roads walk and my work.
I used to work from age of 11 years old that's pretty normal here in Egypt so ????????.
I am looking for a happy marriage that includes a great hearted lady that can afford being married to a foreign man who works for 16 or 18 hours of work.
About my deen I consider it as the priority of being alive, if you don't follow it you better be another creature ????????.
I am a conservative Muslim from a religious family, I pray the five times in there times in the mosque when I can ( Asr, Maghrib and Isha mostly).
I read Quran always.
Its a priority also I understand it very well so I can help other people understanding it.
Finally I love Egypt very much I just can't delete it from my live so getting back to it in holiday is a must.
I hope finding my lovely lady doesn't take much time.