44 - Sunni

Cairo, Jordan

Mar 28, 2020 07:43

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
Asslamo Alykom Warahmato Allah Wabrakato
Herewith you Alaa A. .....Ph.D. in Biophysics ....work in the Education field.
I am looking for a real lady who knows what is the meaning of love, cares about her partner .. shares with her my Journey of life ......
a lady who can love, a lady I should trust, a lady never betrayal even in her thoughts...supportive lady..... encourages each other to reach our goals together in having a strong Islamic family ...A lady feels with her that she is an Allah gift..... Allah Sobanho Wa Taala sends her to me to compensate what I losses before ...
A pious lady HAS A FEAR FROM GOD.
A lady who enjoys the qualities of femininity
A real Lady Acts as princess ...talk in a decent way, very calm, and with grateful words .....lady having peace with herself.....Lady never shouts.....lady wears Hijab... because she loves hijab not because she enforced to wear it.... lady I will see my happiness in her eyes .....a lady-love her such as Prophet Muhammad peace upon him loved Al Sayda Aesha.

الزواج الاصل فيه المودة والمحبة والسكن