27 - Sunni

Rennes , France

May 21, 2020 23:24

⚠️ : I am NOT a scammer. I DO NOT need a visa, I love my country very much. I DO NOT want your money and I will NOT send you any money.

Let's continue, shall we?

I am a black muslim (Sunni, Malaki) man from somewhere in sub-sahara Africa living in France. I am 26 going 27 on the verge of completing my studies. Now I know what you're thinking. Why is he 27 and still going to college? Well if you want to know you have to text me first
Jokes aside it's mainly because I want to and I have a job so it doesn't really matter.

If that's a huge turnoff then I advise you to stop reading here because I will continue promoting my awesome self in the next few paragraphs and you might just get bored.

- I am somewhat of an introvert so I generally don't like being in places where I don't know people. But I have absolutely no problem interacting with anybody and like to think of myself as an interesting person.

- Being born and raised in a non-muslim country made me have a different perspective on religion. I am a pretty liberal muslim and what some people may see as a "sin" or "wrong" will be at worst okay for me if not totally acceptable (e.g. listening to music). We might not click if you hold strong conservative religious values.

Of course I respect all the rules of Islam. My whole family is muslim, I pray 5 times a day, fast and read Qur'an. And I will in No Way accept anything that is in Direct contradiction to the teachings of Allah or those of His Prophet S.A.W.

- I love to learn new things be it by reading or watching documentaries and I'm always open to learn more about other people's cultures/countries. I also love to travel when I can and visit new places, especially old buildings with deep history and beautiful landscape.

- I don't mind relocating if I like your country but there is a 20% chance at most. The process of finding a job and getting a resident visa is a hassle that I don't want to go through. Now I am open to different options but not having you close to me might become a problem in the long term.

- I am a minimalist and a very simplistic person so I really don't like anything extra or loud. It applies to people and object. I much prefer tone down things and I can't handle materialistic people. Money is to be spend on necessities and a few extra on entertainement. Not clothes, shoes, bags or house appliances.

- I have never been married before. I can't say that I have the right maturity level to handle problems that may arise in our relationship but I am always open to communication and willing to learn.

- I do want to have kids but not in the immediate future. I am still young and learning about life. I want my children to have the best options available for them. This requires me learning how to raise children well and working hard to provide the best environment possible.

*** What I look for in a wife :

- Respect. That's the most important thing for me. She needs to respect me first and foremost.

- Behavior. I don't want anybody who is too rude, loud, extra. I want someone who is simple, calm, modest and a good listener. If you love to patch yourself up with expensive make-up, clothes and flashy things then I'm not for you. Same if you don't respect strangers or act unsightly in public.

- Religion. I don't put it first because I don't think that someone being religious makes them a good person. I don't expect my wife to know everything about the religion. If she prays, fasts and is eager to learn more that's enough for me.

- Compassion. This is a very important trait in a woman. It's what makes her feminine in my eyes. She needs to be compassionate and caring with people. That will extend to how she treats and raises children.

- Ability to learn. I'm quite the maniac when it comes to learning new things so expect to be reading a lot with me. Also doing all kinds of outdoor sports and some other physical activities. I am a busy person and you will be too, be ready.

- Obedience. Now I am not an overbearing man and you will have your total free will for everything but I have a set of rules that absolutely needs to be followed. And that's non negotiable.

- Lastly, I don't care about your age, race, height, weight, nationality, or income. Having a degree is a plus but I won't care if you don't have one, I will do my best to provide for us. I also won't mind if you were married before as long as you don't have children yet. But that will be on a case by case basis.

All I care about is how you will treat me (and our future children).

If you made it this far it means that I somehow got your attention? If you are interested in knowing more about me just send a message (it won't kill you, you know) and I will reply whenever I can.

If not then thank you for reading and I wish you well in your search for the best partner.

Assalam 'Aleykoum