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21 - Sunni

Batna, Algeria

Nov 28, 2019 12:30

The name is Farah and it means happy (So smile behind that screen while you are reading this, okay?)

I'm 20 years old from Algeria. I'm a university student, pathology is my speciality. I like psychology, coffee, reading books. I love the smell of earth after rain, worn out leather jackets, vanilla soap and anything musky. My dream is to travel all around the world, of course with my own money and effort, I'm a very independent person, if I do something, it'd be me doing it. My personality? It is colorful, from red to yellow to black! I can be funny, emotional, and very talktive. A little bit stubborn, competitive and mean. (By mean I mean evil if you piss me off surely. 🤣 But hey, you can always stay on my good side, right?)

I prefer logical conversations over random senseless Romeo and Juliet topics that pop out of the blue. Yes, we all look for love but don't you ever think love is something to be created in the first five minutes. Be patient because that's the key.

I encourage equality between both genders, woman and man. I like it when a man speaks his mind and respects a woman for who she is, instead of just pointing out the flaws and demanding them to be fixed. Flaws are to be accepted, not to be fixed. We are not perfect after all, are we?

This is a website for marriage, so I would appreciate if you were truthful and honest. It's okay if the truth is salty, bitter or not SWEET, I would appreciate it nonetheless! It's better than lying anyways, right?

Sweet talk is nice, but sugarcoating all the words gets dull and boring. We all like to talk and compliment, but what's the point if you are complimenting everything just to please a person instead of being yourself?

Finally and for a suitable conclusion, I would like to say that I am looking for a 'man', meaning appearaces are irrelvant to me. As long as you are a clever, open minded, funny man, I'd give you a chance and talk to you. Your abs and Justin Bieber face don't matter if you think like a monkey. Intelligence is the TRUE ATTRACTION.

A short worthy note: Just as I can be sweet, kind and funny, I can as well be cold stone and heartless. My personality depends on your attitude.

(And oh! If I took too much time to reply, don't freak out and just know that I am somewhere somewhere carrying books and running in University from department to another like a silly, crazy nerd. I will reply, be patient and don't die from a heart stroke while you are at it. 🤣)