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26 - Shia

New South Wales, Australia

Jan 14, 2020 20:45

Salam Alaikom, I believe I have an introvert but strong personalitg. I work and now now Think about getting married since I have settled. I kept praying, reading Quran and exploring religion.

The time has come. I believe it is a holy matter.
Nonetheless it seems likely my search will take long since I didn't know of any female Muslim in person who is looking for marriage. Neither Am I going to ask Strange lady these things..

If you're interested in getting married am interested in a reliable Muslim woman with the following characteristics:
1 Likes Islam
2 Intelligent
3 Never married
4 Welling to relocate eventually

I would prefer

1Ability to Read Quran
2 Be educated

و الحمد لله رب العالمين
Extra notes:

I see myself living in a time where the gap between the rich and poor is very large and increasing, this puts weight on the believing Muslim men whilst women have increased their standards or finding it difficult to find the suitable man, because they are not from a small village far away with one boy to love and marry. I feel for other Muslim brothers and women, but especially men who don't have a choice but to wait and keep living without a reason....a reason to live and care for.... It breaks my heart to see them suffer

I have a better vision for the future of course



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