23 - Sunni

CDO, Philippines

Sep 21, 2020 01:05

I want you to read until they end about my info.

Salam. My name is Janima Baro. Im from in Philippines. I am very shy around people at first. But I am easy to get along with. I'm a pretty caring person, I guess. I’m best for those who are good. I'm never judgmental toward others. I tend to treat people like I wish to be treated. I just like to see people smile. I’m a friendly, down to earth, understanding, sweet, bubbly, approachable. I also love the slow type of love songs that touches the heart and is related to the life. I'd probably describe my sense of style as simple.roken heart. Above all,no one live alone without Allah. ALLAH's love always be with you all! I am Muslim. By the way Im here because, honestly speaking I just want to find a Muslim Guy that suit on me. I dont have any standard as long us we do understand each other. Im also looking for someone who totally can lead me in Islam. Im inborn Muslim but my knowledge is not enough. I am businesswoman, adventurous one, have a sense of humour, Im carring, helpful also I like training. I already done my degree and 3 vocational course. By the way Im not usually online here. Im just using this if midnight here in Philippines. By the way I'm not using 📞 if you want to have a conversations with me, if I'm asking you about installing📲 you should cause, it means I'm interested to know you more. BUT ONE THING THAT I WANT IN A COMMUNICATION IS ALWAYS HAVING A COMMUNICATION WHEN WE START CAUSE I HATE WAITING. HAHHHAHA
When I take a video call don't except me to wear make up like my profile picture because I don't have time for that. But one thing for sure , once I gave a response means I'm interested.

The most important is we don't like men who just for thier LUST. We are not here to satisfy your desire LUST. We are not your s*x toy. Curse those men.
A honestly speaking I'm here to look for my future husband as will as my future business partner. I'm already have my own ticketing agency. Inn Sha Allah

At the age of 23 Alhamdulillah I never had boyfriend. Im willing to relocate as long as you will be the one will get me here in my country. 😊