47 - Sunni

Albanian , Sweden

Nov 28, 2023 10:34

Deen, Quran & Sunnah, Mutual Attraction!

Selamu alaikum wa rahmetullah.

Please don't contact me if you don't speak English, Swedish or Albanian...

I am of Albanian origin (on a long vacation in Albania right now) living in Sweden. Easy going, open and sincere..

Looking for a simple partner who obeys Allah and listens to her husband..imune (not infected) with feminist ideology.. 😏 and above all trustworthy!

I try my best to live in the light of Islam and I live a minimalistic life. I don't lead a life to impress the Creators creation, rather to impress our Creator...

Serious ones who knows what are they looking for only, please, since we won't waste anyone's time...

The Fitnah of the Wealth and money 💵 have overtaken many of the people's ♥ nowdays... Are you looking for a "Sugar Daddy" you rather ask your dad or you guardian for 💵 or and wealth... I'm not the right one since I'm poor,.. 😏 Therefore, continue with your endeavor of finding the "blue prince on the white horse" ...

Sister/s or mahram please contact me and I will answer you inshallah.

Please start your message with "ibnfadl" on the very beginning so I know you read my profile before..

Jazakallahu Khayr!


"Hobbies" & Interests:
Travel, airline and aircraft industry..

Family, Museums, Photography, Poetry, Science and Technology, Traveling.

Fav Food:
Turkish Greek, Italian, Thai, Eastern European.