33 - Sunni

U.P., India

Oct 20, 2019 19:49


About me....
I am a religious Muslim man with authentic Islamic ideology Alhamdulillah.
If you want to know about my physical appearance..
I am 6 ft tall with wheatish skin, black hair, dark brown eyes and athletic healthy body Alhamdulillah.

People around me say that i have a very good sense of humor and i crack meaningful clean jokes.
I don't like to laugh at others and no joke should insult anyone.
I am also a serious person when it comes to the serious matters and i value family a lot. Alhamdulillah
i can recognize that what matter is serious and how much. sometimes a little mistake and a tiny act of irresponsibility
can cost a lot.

i am looking for....
I never married before and looking for a religious woman of the same values. She should be kind, religious, caring and also funny.
I pray to find my best friend in the form of my wife because in the family nothing can be better than you have
your best friend in the form of your life partner who is closest to you and going to live with you forever under one roof.
Some one with who i can laugh, have fun, travel, eat etc. and most importantly who i can lead in prayers.
Some one who i can support and she can support me emotionally and whenever there is test from Allah Almighty.

A little about my views about Islam.....
I feel very sad when i see Muslims divided into sects all over the world and criticize and hate each other, that's why
i am strongly against making sects in Islam, I am strongly against it because Holly Quran proves that Allah is against it and our beloved
prophet Mohammad SAW strongly advice to not to divide.
I call my self only Muslim because in Glorious Quran Allah SWT calls us Muslim and nothing else, Words sunni or shia etc.do not even exist in Quran and
no authentic hadeeths support making sects.
Divisions or sects very harmful no matter it's in a family, team or a whole community, it makes us weak, vulnerable and create hatred
among the people, its a common sense but people do not understand.
First we have to become good humans then we can become become good Muslims and i believe that's all we need.

My favorite quote : Character is what you do for those who can do nothing for you.

Jazak Allah for reading.