45 - Sunni

Dublin , Ireland

Jul 6, 2020 20:15

Asalam walykum.

I am 45 and divorced without children.
I'm looking for a dedicated muslim who fears Allah SWT age 45-55 for marriage.

Someone who has good understanding of Islam and prectice it in his everyday life.

I am not looking for perfection but someone honest, kind and someone who put his family as his number one priority not the last on his list.

I don't want to display my photo online to all world but I'm willing to send to the one who is very serious about marriage and interested to get in contact with pure attention.

I'm not someone who can talk alot about themselves and say I'm the best one but I can say three words here that I'm kind, forgiving and I truly fear ALLAH alhamdulillah.
I do not like someone showing of their body in thier shorts or pictures with their big and fancy cars etc on their profile because I'm not in to that and I have seen and driven best cars alhamdulillah... I really want someone down to earth in sha Allah.

All you the honest people searching marriage may Allah grand you pious spouses in sha Allah. Ameen



Age: 37 / sunni



Age: 24 / sunni