25 - Sunni

Abuja, Nigeria

May 7, 2021 21:11

Welcome stranger✋🏾 Salam. I'm here to find the spouse which Allah (s.w.a) had pre-choosen for me, if this is where ill find him🤷🏾‍♀️👀 May Allah make things easy for us and provide us with the best of spouses. AMEEN🙏🏼

Ok my name is firdausi and that’s why i call myself jannah because inshaallah that’s where we are all going. I am picky when it comes to the company i keep around me and now a spouse but I want try things differently and do as the prophet (s.a.w) said we should when choosing a spouse, lol easier said than done but lets see how it goes.

The prophet (s.a.w) said to look out for a religious man👳🏻(high imaan, regular prayers, taqwa & tawwakul) with a good temper, comes from a good muslim family and is physically & mentally healthy. Additionally i'd prefer a man with beard or can grow it later in the future, not really a requirement tho😊
I want to have a walimah marriage done the halal way.

I consider myself beautiful [in & out], pious 👳🏾‍♀️with loads of imaan, taqwa & tawwakul, modest, intelligent, committed, patient and gentle. I regularly pray all the fardh prayers, i have good manners and i come from a good muslim home🏡 Alhamdulillah. Im sure my family will tell you the same about me because im an open book and hardly hide anything from them.
Im not just all religious i have my other fun/adventurous/spontaneous qualities but ill leave that for a later driscussion.
I have a bachelor’s degree in law and currently pursuing a master’s degree in same field.

The prophet (s.a.w) also said those among you who can 'support' a wife should marry. If you're matured and ready to marry me with all seriousness👔💼. Message me let's talk and get to know one another. You might be the one, who knows😅😅

Not here for haram friendships❌. If we are not after the same thing & you don't have what i want and vice versa don't waste ‘our’ time❌. Make sure you have your picture for identification i dont reply ghost writers❌. Distance is not an issue✅. Willing to relocate if thing get super serious✅. Come to me with honesty and you'll be fine with me✅. Also know your blood genotype because i will ask😋
Astalabista baybeh🙋🏾‍♀️



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