30 - Sunni

later, Argentina

Sep 8, 2020 03:19

I’m ambitious and eccentric. I exercise and I can cook. Alternative thinker.
Determined. Sometimes stubborn.

I can offer you commitment, effort, reliability, and a lot of laughter. Ethnicity no issue. Religion is.
Let's talk and not waste time!

Very few serious people on here. I am serious, and I'm not too scared of making a decision and committing. Are you?

I am a bit of an eccentric and think I will be able to have a laugh with my wife. As long as she can put up with my humor!

Religion is important to me and I want a wife who feels the same, and who prays her salah regularly. Also someone who does not take themselves too seriously, so we can have a laugh together. I would prefer someone who wears a hijab or covers their hair.

I can cook and do chores around the house, which I will do if we will both be working.

I'm sure you have a very good reason for hiding pics, but if you aren't prepared to let me see what you look like, I will respond telling you I don't wish to take it further.I will show my photos to search one only.

Finally, may Allah help you with your search!🌟🌟🌟