40 - Sunni

Hong Kong island, Hong Kong

Feb 6, 2020 05:31

I'm 181cm / 5',11" tall , Im Hong Kong citizen 🇭🇰 I have full time job here in HK and also started my own business. Alhumdullah for everything ❤️
I'm down to earth.
I will traveled all around the world but I found Hong Kong is best for future, or have opportunities to make best future because higher income & low tax return.
What I believe in it's (Nikkha) marriage. If some one click my 💓 we got matched I will definitely make you my princess ❤️ and I would be your king.

I believe all things were beautifully created by Allah,for every man there is a woman and for every woman,Allah has made a man,despite our socio cultural,educational,color differences,most people have the same goal in life as regard building his or her life with a partner,as they tend to sail through life together,learning about each other's differences and tolerating one another....I am not perfect,so I am not looking for a perfect woman on earth but that simple woman who will embrace me as her other half and truly love me.