25 - Sunni

Banten, Indonesia

Nov 12, 2019 11:16

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh
(May Peace Be Upon You)

Firstly, thank you for come by, we are here to looking for the one. Insha Allah, Allah grant us ease. Be patient and holding tight to Allah. Before, sending me message. Please kindly read my profile for something to talk about. Saying ‘Hi’ or ‘Hey’ is not forbidden, unfortunately i would appreciate someone starting communication by discussing something that he is interest about what he read, not sending random message to see the reaction of recipient. Unfortunately, we shall respect people time. So. let’s getting to know each other.

I was born and raised in Indonesia, what i love Indonesia is because we are open minded people, we live in different culture, race, and religion, also we have more than 200 region language. I have Javanese-Chinese blood yet can’t speak those two. I can speak Indonesia and English, a bit French (still working on it). I am the second child of 3 siblings and the only child. Most people said that middle child are wise than the others, it could be true. I am not gonna talk about where i travel in the past for make impression, because i only travel for duty. I have travelled a lot, and see how amazing world is, and learn many things about this life. In my spare time, i write blog and try my best to memorizing Al-Quran, to improve myself, currently i memorize 12 surah in Juz 30 (Including An-Nas, Al-Falaq, Al-Ikhlas). Meanwhile, in Saudi 7 year old memorizing almost the whole Juz in Al-Qur’an . How jealous i am right now!. Insha Allah i can memorize more, i really wanted to bring my family and my best friend together to Jannah, maybe you will be on my list..

I am working as consultant, my education background is 6 years elementary school, 3 years junior high school, and 3 years vocational school. I am highly appreciate for those who seeking knowledge for 20 years or more, only for this dunya or status, and labeled as ‘educated’ yet interpersonally deficient. I am not a doctor or professor, only a woman trying to live as islam should be. Well, you may disagree if i said that dunya is a place for play role, working to earn money, marriage, buy house, car, having kids, and die. Is there anything we can think of more than that?. Akhirat (hereafter) is real the real place where we going to. I am working only to fulfill my primary needs, i will never trade my faith over this dunya. I am not a workaholic, i love my family and my pet so i always give my time for them. This is my opinion, sadly even we live as muslim there’s racism and stereotyping people of where they are belong. If you think open minded only for accepting homosexual, abortion, drinking party, please don’t read further because we will never be match.

The things that should be highlight that, i am an introvert, some people does not believe that because i am quite talk active person. Yet, that’s me, i can’t shouting from room to room to call or attending marriage party for more than 25 minutes. I will get headache from crowded place, i prefer a quite place and drinking my green tea. Also, i am an emotional person (of course i am a woman, women thinking with feeling regardless education degree she has, she still crook, because we are ribs), don’t worry i won’t killing people when i get PMS, i always cry whenever i feel happy, sad, touched by everything i see. I am not strong as medusa, i am only a butterfly.

Islam for me, is the guidance of life, i don’t know how my life without islam. Islam is the open minded religion, i never see masjid for black people only or for caucasian only. That’s one of best reason why i love about islam. I have quit listening music a year ago, nasyeed? Maher Zain song?. Completely stop, i don’t listening those. Because, i remember christian singing for their gods, so i don’t want to copying them to sing as worship Allah.

My expectation of marriage, having a good relationship between both side of family, living alone with my husband, improving ourselves together for knowledge about islam, build family with Islam as foundation. I don’t have many expectation, i only do my best. I don’t want start family with riba, which is buying car, house, or anything related to riba. I know, that sound ridiculous, anyhow i have enough story about that.

My expectation from my spouse, he is health mentally and physically, have halal income, pray 5 times. It will be bonus if he memorise Al-Qur’an and hadist.



Age: 46 / sunni



Age: 21 / sunni



Age: 42 / sunni



Age: 35 / sunni