24 - Sunni

Tangerang, Indonesia

Sep 16, 2019 01:27

Assalamualaikum. May Allah Subhana Wata'alaa grant you ease to looking for spouse here. I am a woman 25 years old this year. Working as consultant, since graduated from high school, I choose to work to maintain my family financially. Alhamdulillah, Allah always giving me so much rizq that I never count. I am interested to continue my study in psychology. Because, I believe that to raising children needs efforts. I'd like to educate my future kids someday to learn about how beautiful islam is. My main focus and goal is to be in Jannah with my spouse and my family. What I expect in marriage is I am able to be a good wife, I'd like to stay in house. That's will be better for me, but if I must work such in particular reason, I don't mind. I want to wear hijab syari which meant cover all over my body, since I am working as employee, I have to dress as ethic in office. Yet, outside office, I am wearing syari dress. I am wearing hijab as well.

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1.) What's the meaning of Tawheed, in your words
2.) Do you think love is unconditionally?
3.) What's your expectations from marriage?
4.) What do you think about working woman?
5.) What kind of type of woman you like? (Physically)

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Good luck for you gentlemen.