53 - Sunni

Nabeul, Tunisia

Sep 18, 2019 07:14

ASSALAM alaikom
what makes me young and healthy is the the authentic light of love In my heart that comes from almighty Allah. Alhamdullilah who bestowed upon me a good physical and spiritual health that helped me accommodate all kind of matters. Alhamdulillah who entered me already in his janna of knowledge and wisdom that made me tolerant and forbearing. He also taught me not to spend my time looking fr a fantasmatic better person but t accept what he has chosen fr me.( it is not an easy task to escape from the internet mental mania of looking fr the best and being trapped in that vicious circle.so am not searching here by fantasy fr my future partner but she will come by Allah power and she Will come inshallh: a blessing from him
May Allah complete his bounty on me by sending me a nice person in this worldly life and accept us together in his jenna of ornament.
May Allah give guidness to every believerالسلام

ااسر وراء شباب قلبي وجسمي هو نور الحب الذي الذي يشع في قلبي المتاتي من االله سبحانه. الحمد الله الذي ادخلني .

جنةاامعارف و اورثني الحكمة و ااحلم و ااتسامح كما فهمني القناعة باارزق والتسليم باامتاح وعدم الركض وراء أوهام و البحث عن شخص افضل للزواج( وهو ما يسمى بااهوس ااعقلي و ادمان ااءنترنات).لست هنا للبحث عنهاالوهمي اابهيم أي بمواصفات جسمية و لكن االله سبحانه يسوقها ليي كيف شاء بالمواصفات التي يريد لءن الزوجة الصالحة رزق.
االلهم اتم نعمتك علي اورثني زوجة صالحة تسكنني و اياها جنة الزخارف التي وعدتنا اياها ءامين


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