38 - Sunni

Istanbul , Russia

Mar 7, 2021 05:14

AsSalam alaikum wa rahmatuullah. I am Muslim, Sunni. all praise belongs to the Lord of the worlds!

Marrying divorced is Sunnah.

It is necessary to overcome the prejudices associated with remarriage after divorce, and revive the Sunna marriage with divorced women (and men), widows (and widowers) and single mothers.

I have already said this before, but I want to say it again. I am very saddened by the attitude towards divorced people, especially women, which is accepted in our culture (Muslim peoples). It is very sad that it is very difficult for these women to find suitable spouses in order to remarry. Such an attitude towards divorced women is completely contrary to Islam - this is the attitude of the jahiliya era, which should be avoided! The stigma of a widow or divorced is a relic of some tradition and has nothing to do with Islam.
Most of the wives of the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) were divorced or widows, but many of us consider ourselves too good to marry such women. This Sunna should be revived. Many rewards are promised to someone who marries a divorced or widow with the intention of taking care of her. Divorced single mothers also have the right to good husbands. Please give them a chance.

After a lesson in one city yesterday, I met a very pious convert who was only 24 years old. He told me that he married a woman who is ten years older than him and who has three children from a previous marriage! This young handsome brother could have married a young girl who had never been married, but he made another choice - he not only married a 34-year-old woman, but also began to take care of her three children, the oldest of whom was 14 .
I asked him what prompted him to marry her, and he simply answered: “Our Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said that women are married for four reasons, but religion comes first. Therefore, I chose her for her godly fear. She taught me how to pray, to read Fatih - and much more ... ”SubhanAllah, may Allah bless this brother and his family, and may their faith be strong. Amine.
[Mufti] Muhammad ibn Adam al-Qavsari.

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