24 - Sunni

Male', Maldives

Aug 31, 2019 06:53

I am a servant of Allah, my religion is islam. I love my faith. I love the most is Allah, then prophet muhammed s.a.w and then My mother and then my father. after that my family. I know how to cook well, and Alhamdulliah i know to do most things in life.
I am 5,5 feet tall , fair skinned girl. I cover all except face and wrists.
I came here to this site, to find a suitable husband to complete half of my deen.
I am hoping to find , a husband, below 30 years , without kids, religious , patient, who prays regularly without delay, Good ahklaaq *manners* , with good education and taller than me
if from Maldives, i want to find someone from Male'.
if outside of Maldives, I want someone who can come to Maldives to marry me.