43 - Sunni

KZN, South Africa

Oct 14, 2019 21:43

I am a 43 year old single mum to a 15 year old boy. I have overcome numerous challenges in my life and am very much a soldier; with an arsenal of resilience.
Having said that, I am also a very soft, sensitive and loving person.
Marriages which didn’t work out have not put me off the notion of romance. I love dressing up for my partner and preparing candlelight dinners; giving him gifts and making him feel absolutely special. I did this is in all of my three marriages but did not receive the same treatment and now after years of remaining single and getting to know myself, I’m looking to be with someone who will reciprocate.
I am attracted to men younger than me (not younger than 30) and my own age group which poses a challenge in that I am not able to have children; a joy everyone deserves. Furthermore I have many commitments, to my elderly parents and son as well as the charity I run. Hence I am willing to be a first wife. Not a second; third or fourth as I could never hurt another woman. But I’m mature and emotionally developed enough to be open to the idea of my husband marrying again after me; provided he is God-fearing and just.
As for my passions - I love serving the downtrodden and oppressed and do so via the charity I run which over the years has educated several individuals. I can make people laugh but I also have my down moments when I cry and lament the struggle my life has been. I’m told that I spread magic wherever I go and that I have a beautiful heart. My hope is that someone will look beyond age, etc and fall in love with that heart.
Please don’t contact me if you’re one of those guys that has shirtless photos on his profile and is looking for mindless chit chat.
Also I won’t relocate but I will visit.
I am not and have never been bound by convention so my idea of marriage isn’t necessarily that two people live together in a flat/house 24/7.
I wear a headscarf yes; but that doesn’t mean I tow a narrow line in terms of Islam. I watch movies, series, cricket and have been known to dance at women’s only functions. I’m not sin-free but love the Almighty and strive to obey Him so you’ll need to be someone to whom that’s also important. Feel free to reach out.