43 - Sunni

KZN, South Africa

Aug 15, 2019 23:45

The last time I used this I was contacted by a a man who claimed to be 31 and never married with no children - a Syrian refugee in Turkey. He chatted to me for days and then disappeared when I stumbled upon his FB account (he said he didn’t have one) and found out that he has a child and may be gay. On another matrimonial he says he is 26.
Before that there was a man who claimed to be a police officer but it turned out he was a security guard - he just wanted to talk about inappropriate stuff.
So in my view there are likely to be very few genuine men and women on this site as well as on other sites.
If you’re genuine you’re welcome to contact me.If I feel we are compatible I’ll respond. I’m 43 and have a teenage son. I live with my parents and adore them. I’m family orientated and won’t relocate to another city let alone country as my son is settled here and my parents are elderly and need be plus I run a charity which I founded. I’ve been divorced more than once and consider that to be part of my learning curve through life so please don’t think that I’m desperate and vulnerable and will be taken for a ride by psychopaths. You’ll have to provide proof of ID; a number which matches the country you claim to come from; and be willing to chat via video. As for more about me: I’m not living in this world for this world - I’m living in this world for the next world. I love speaking Arabic and reciting Quran but I’m by no means conservative. I actively work within my community and won’t marry anyone who’s looking to stifle that. I wear hijab not niqab but don’t confine myself to black. I encourage my son to play sports and we watch movies and tv series. I am also an avid reader and a sensitive, affectionate person with much love to give. PS I am unable to have more children.