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Jizah, Egypt

Oct 23, 2019 05:06

About me:
Name: mohammad.
Y.O.B.: 1994
Level of faith: i keep my 5 prayers daily alhamdulillah as i pray sunnah as much as i can, i dont listen to music, i don't drink or smok, i never had been in a relatinship (virgin alhamdulillah), i memorize all of the holly quran alhamdulillah as i can help my spouse to memorize it, finally i studied the core (princepals) of the religious scinces in Al-azhar and i want to continue on my own in shaa allah.
Education: faculty of english commerce department of business and management (Al-Azhar university) wich is a religious univrsity.
Food: i can eat any halal thing😋.
Language: both Arabic and English and i want to learn a third language as i like learning languages.
Hoppies and skills: i'm animal lover, also i like reading, i'm self learner for example.. i learned my self slaughtering the sheep (in the Eid), riding motocycle, even speaking english i learned it on you tube before going to the american university to improve my level.
Almost people around me says that "i'm smart, romantic, responsible, funny"

About my future wife(in shaa allah):
Religion is the most important for me so i want a religious, modest, non materialistic, polite, concervative girl.
I want her to wear the legal hijab and it would be fantastic if she wears niqaab or burqa'.
I'm flexible to relocate but i prefer a girl who will accept to live with me in egypt coz i have my job & apartment here.
I want a girl who has never been in a relation before like me.
I don't prefer a worker girls but i can accept it in some cases.

I will be happy for your question or advice.
Thanks for your time reading my profile.


Ahmad Tahhan

Age: 34 / sunni



Age: 27 / sunni