22 - Sunni

Batam, Indonesia

Aug 17, 2019 16:19

If Allah has written something to be yours. It will be. Time might be different. The journey might be different. But it will be yours.
Keep your deen and sabr.

Im teacher, graduated from UPI university,
22 years old, do Fardu and Sunnah,cat lover.

People around me said " im cheerful, have beautiful voice".
My hobbies are seeking knowledge, cooking, traveling, and singing (my past)
After know that music is haram then i stopped my last hobby.

Natural woman. No need glamour makeup to cover up.
I comfort with syar'i style and long hijab. beauty only for halal spouse.

Have intention to memorized Al quran. May Allah help me and you to be better muslim. Aamiin.

For scammer, may Allah guide you.
Better for you to Increase your taqwa. Because good risq will come if you have good taqwa. InshaAllah

Jazakumullahu Khair for visit my profile.