53 - Sunni

Cleveland, United Kingdom

Jan 22, 2021 22:30

Please read my profile. I am not interested in anyone who lives in Pakistan abroad or any other crounty only people who are living in England in uk and are British citizen. Asalam alikum goodluck to everyone. Please don't contact me if you can't relocate to middlesbrough. How you doing everyone. I live in middlesbrough Cleveland. I'm looking to get married to someone who is closer to my age. I'm only looking for marria Only British citizen and people who can relocate to middlesbrough. Thank you. Only if you can relocate. Please read my profile. I'm only interested in someone who is from a Pakistani background and is a British citizen . Thank you for reading my profile. Goodluck to everyone. Allah Hafiz. If you can relocate and are from a Pakistani background then get in touch. Please don't contact me if you don't have a photo on your profile. No I don't use what's app. I'm looking to meet s real person face to face and talk to a real person. Communication is important to get to know one another. Not a what's app or text message relationship. This is a marriage website. So please use it for that purpose not for friends. Thank you all the best to everyone. Insha Allah everyone will find someone.