37 - Sunni

balochistan, Pakistan

Oct 1, 2019 21:19

Assalamualicoom Everyone!
I am a phd doctor. Im sharing my brief profile as under and request that only those who are serious and see their match accordingly contact! Jazakallah
Personal traits:
I belong to a Punjabi Jat (Bajwa) family however, we spent whole of our life in Quetta city. I am well educated, well mannered, intelligent (have to say this otherwise no one will tell you 🙂), flexible, good listener and adviser, fun loving, appreciate humor, love to hold valuable conversations with friends, sometimes listen to music, sometimes motivational speaker and counselor too, love nature, travel and watching movies with my favorite people (because movie is less important than the company of a good friend), I value and respect my relations. I love to cook for my loved ones and sometimes to eat out side. I like the food from countries and appreciate variety and colors in life.
Note: I don’t watch Indian or Pakistani dramas now a days, instead if I get some free time I prefer to watch some knowledgeable, motivational or sometimes news videos at YouTube.
Educational background:
I have been a bright student throughout my educational carrier. I did my MBA (finance) from Quetta, Mphil from Quaid-I-Azam University Islamabad and recently my PhD (Business administration) from Shanghai, China. I am working as a faculty member in a public sector University in Quetta since 2007. I got a great chance to share my teaching experience with international students while doing my PhD. I have several research publications in reputable international research journals and I aspire to write few books in future In Sha Allah.
Other essential particulars are as follows:
Age: 37
Height: 5 feet 3 inches
Marital status: single/ never married
Father’s profession: Retired from police department as ASI
Siblings: I have 4 brothers, three are married and working in government sector and one sister who is also married.
Our mother is a simple, humble, loving and desi house wife.
Religious views: prefer to say myself “A Muslim” but as society demands to put into some specific category so I am Sunni. I try to offer 5 times prayers as my father insisted on learning Deen since our Childhood. I am also humbly trying to learn Quran word by word and meaning by meaning. I strongly believe on the temporariness of this world and want to spend my life to please my Maker- Allah.
Language proficiency: I am multi-lingual and languages that I know are Punjabi, Urdu, English, Chinese (fair level of speaking and understanding), Brahvi, Pashto (fair level of understanding not very fluent in speaking.
What kind of person I am looking for:
Lively, understanding, humble, caring, passionate, motivated, really knows what religion of Islam actually is (not only offering prayers but also know the reality of this life and values his all related ones, not only lost in the attractions of this world but also realizes that we have to die and spend life accordingly, not necessarily having beard but understands and aspires the teachings of Islam), earning decent enough to spend a moderate and respectful life.