34 - Sunni

Tangerang city, Indonesia

Sep 24, 2021 14:23

~Please text me if u really Serious.~
I'm a Good girl with a Young Soul N Soft Heart.. Im Family Oriented, Cheerful, I'm easy going person..
I'm following Qur'an, Sunnah. I'm trying n learn to be an obedient Muslim as comprehensive that's why I become a Sufi. I thankful to Allah coz by learning about Sufism then I always trying to take care my heart to be clean from "Ma'siyat n Mun'kar things" then I can learn "how the way to grow up "Ahlaqul karimah" n Always istiqomah in the worship to Allah.
And I'm wearing NIQAB.
-----Actually I'm here is NOT for make a fun or dating. N I'm NOT looking for a boyfriend here, coz I'm SERIOUS for Married.-----
N I will prefer to talk about a future plans, n try to understand our characters each other THAN talk about Horny feeling or s*x things. "SORRY, its NOT My Style." Coz I'm here is NOT for Make a Game love or make a Drama. Bcoz I'm NOT a Drama Queen. And, it just waste the time.

Please DON'T Text me if u wanna do POLYGAMY. Coz I'm Unavailable for it.

Im looking for someone who Always Practical Islam well with Practice Pray 5 time perfect everyday.
"No Alcohol, No Free s*x, No Smoker, No Judgmental person and No Bad Tampere Or No Anger person."

I like a man who always do a Healthy Lifestyle.
I like a Good Guy who always Respectful a girl, He have a Sincere Heart, a Good Attitude N Polite, a Loyal, Honest, Wise, Considerate, Responsibility, and Hard worker.

Actually I'm looking for a Good Imam figure who knows the Meaning of a Commitment n Responsibility in family.
Coz for me : my husband is my soulmate N my bestie in this world till to Jannah.

~~~~Our Lord, bestow upon us wife "SOULMATE" and Descendants to be Pleasing Hearts, And make us Priests (Leaders) for those who Taqwa to Allah. " (Surat al-Furqon: 74)~~~~
---------Well, Coz this's a Matrimonial Site, Please make sure to using a REAL Profile Picture N please be a fair coz this site isn't a puzzle games. ---------- Jazakallah.