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30 - Sunni

Johor, Malaysia

Jul 20, 2019 06:13

Assalam alaykum To those who are reading my profile,

I am a person who prays 5 times and regret missing it, i do dhikr daily, i dislike socializing too much,i spend most of my time with family and older aged people lol, and enjoy being around with kids .

working out- i work out by praying/ cleaning/ hiking.
cuisines- i like everything that is halal to eat and organic, i love experimenting cooking my own self with different dishes.
Music- i honestly don't listen to Music much these days,but if i had to pick favorites would be R&b, classic - Hip hop.

Likes-travelling/ bunjy/ jumping/ hiking/ scuba diving,fishing, playing video games,( like to learn to drive, rock climbing/camping/farming)

studies- i have done nutrition course diploma , and Ayurveda ( basic ) in healing the body( that does not mean i know chakra and etc i am against that ), business studies ( marketing ). i do not have a degree please keep in mind before approaching and asking the same question.

dislikes- "cheating, liars, double minded people, gossip, making fun of others despite what they are born with ,a person who doesn't have fear of allah in his heart. i dislike judging,.and do not like repeating unless if not properly understood, hate to engage in boring /common conversation

Things i look for in a spouse- caring - loyalty and being straightforward despite the fact that truth hurts it doesn't matter. between the age of 30-35, one thing that would attract me to him would be personality/ height , close connection towards allah.



Age: 27 / sunni



Age: 38 / sunni



Age: 26 / sunni