37 - Sunni

Saida, Lebanon

May 19, 2019 09:44

Hello all, I'm Samer from Lebanon. I'm a down to earth man, responsible, romantic, lovable and I like outdoor activities. AL Hamdoullelah I'm a faithful man who likes to pray and praise Allah swt all the time. I'm honest - hate liars and prefer the truth no matter how hard it is. I'm well educated - I graduated last year with a PGCE from the UK ... Oh, I'm a teacher with a sense of humor.

To be frank, I'm looking for someone living abroad to get to know her, understand her, and create a family with her. I'm not just looking to get married, I'm looking to fall in love or at least feel that I can understand my other half and vice versa. Family is an important component of our lives and it should be respected. Marriage is sacred and should be based on honesty from the beginning for it to be successful.

All I can say is good luck to all of us out there and keep in mind that everything that happens in life is NASIB so Allahoma send us what's best for us that would help us get into Janna In Sha'a Allah