42 - Sunni

Sind, Pakistan

May 23, 2020 08:59

My name is Syed Ismail Shah, raised in Saudi Arabia, live in Karachi, Pakistan (Gulshan e Iqbal BL-4). I am although already married but have permission to get 2nd marriage from my wife. As far as reason is concerned, It is need inside me and my decision is in a mature age. Further I am not hiding nothing neither from my Mother in law’s family nor from my own family. Took in confidence all of them. I am Muslim, Sunni, Cast Syed, Urdu Speaking (English as 2nd Language and can speak little Arabic as well) Age 41 (21-11-1977), Height 5fit 9” inch, slim, smart, 69kg weight, fair complexion. I am Commerce Graduate and did some diplomas in SCM and RAC fields. I have one very beautiful family 8 sisters and 3 brothers and mom and dad Al hamdo lillah. all of them married except one. Alhamdo Lillah I have good setup of living in Karachi. I try my best to become one pious man. I am Very much humble, polite, have good sense of humour. All my family is religious minded. Most of my sisters are Aalima (Islamic Scholars) including my wife. I have been doing job in one swiss based multinational company for approx 12 years as Procurement Specialist therefore anyone can easily ask about my character, attitude and other things from my company too. Searching a woman who just have wonderful heart, good looking. I just say only one principal...Life is nothing to save even a single hair of family. My family must be involved from beginning stage.



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