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28 - Sunni

malaysia, Malaysia

Jul 23, 2019 12:11


why i join this site? many reason
alot must b asking this questions >
why dont just get engaged to someone nearby?or arrangement?
u see wht matter to me is can he b that deep true love? can take care of u dunya akhirah n faithful till end , together on ups n down?hw he going to take care of u when ure dying?can he still be with u, faithful and take care of your needs when ur sick or pain or paralyse or even when losing ability ? (if you are this unic person, come to text me 😊 IF U ARE NOT DONT DARE TO TEXT ME btw
we hope for good things,dua allah bless us with good health nauzubillah for bad things etc inshaallah im that kind who is able to do that much to those i love
i have seen this kind of men exist too means these type are exist but those i knw are married i dua allah bless them
so why dont get to knw anyone in this world who have tendency to be yr true love n at the same time u can learn culture, language, food, etc, try knowing other who was raise in different places,different culture , if was in same country or same race thats also fine

those who send messages saying wht i want is unexist better u focus on u dont try to be god like u knw everything thats a sin, only Allah the only one can determine it and we are free to dua everything , dont collect sin disturbing me
wht i want is not related to u so u focus only with wht u want dont poke abt other life
those who waste time to disturb me i dua all yr rewards of good deeds come to me allah exchange it all my sin go to u ameen

i prefer a man with criteria -

never been married i crave to be first and last thats my dream, conservative
practising muslim, can recite quran, fast, pray 5 times, not a smoker, never been in jailed, not bald, not a thieft not a criminal
i am not hoping for a perfect man as long as he is learning n trying
im not hoping for a perfect man but he must be a practising muslim
not a wild person, mentally mature, gentle, understanding, supportive, not being judgemental, wont make joke about others weakness, dont like to talk abt money or car
nvr put vehicle/car as his profile
love to travel, he can accept people for who they are bcs he is understanding n can adapt to it, very mature, if he was living in a modern city he is so humble can adapt to village surrounding n rags

im very5 faithful n only want one man so a faithful emotional woman like me deserve a very faithful one, this character is in his blood already, FAITHFUL..VERY FAITHFUL.. i want a man who no matter wht, distance,or whoever he meet wont change his heart at all, he is wise
i only want one man im not interested with multiple

someone really mature n responsible
the type who can help partner to speak better english does not mind if partner need time to speak better when it just a matter of practices and does not mind to help in that matter he can accept and adapt to that , i dont mind wht race he is ( the same nation also good)

india, bangladesh,jews, iran,iraq, afghanistan, palestine, dont text me (not about racism ) u respect me i respect u so pls dont send angry messages i wont read if u come to send angry messages Alhamdulillah may allah forgive my sin throw it on u u let it be on u but all ur rewards of good deeds come to me

can help me get to jannah
wont easily get influenced by friends or surrounding AND wont lose value bcs he is wise
not the type who love to blame girl

someone who wont insult or mock the future in law, respect my parents do them like his own like i wish to be a daughter to his parents
im very shy , but friendly with those i hv already comfortable n close with
im approachable to some unapproachble to some
his family should b open minded not judgemental,supportive

he wont want me to live with his parents after marriage sorry if u prefer to live with ur parents and u dont like wht i say hope u respect me
i dont like this idea so if u dont like wht i say u can but dont come to text me dont send angry messages it is not good in islam to behave that way

i believe too many men in this world want only one wife i meet many good men but i also knw some aim to hv more than one thats yr life focus only on u search for girls who suit u and fit yr need i dont care if u wanna add yr sin by hurting ur wife thats yr life focus only on u dont disturb me u cant disturb forcing girls who doesnt like u to like u u cant force girls who is not in the same page as u to hv interest in u & insult them when u arent their dream man doing this way meant u are bad, focus to search those fit u
i dont care if other wanna marry hw much i believe my spouse want only one bcs he is like me im very faithful marriage for me is first and last im looking for one who hold same value
those who wanna marry more than 1 who sent angry messages n using religion as ur excuses when its about marrying more than one u will say u wanna follow islam so why dont u say that way too in other things that islam want u to do? u re not even a prophet, he is smart, wise, full of knowledge,rich (to me he is rich) n justice..ure just an ordinary full of sin human so stop using islam to achieve your lust , prophet marrying more than one not for lust..he is helping women that time.. dont disturb me or other girls go to search other who want man like u

he is open minded can accept wht she wanna do in her life he is fine with her being working or housewife or working by herself he does not mind with whatever she wanna do , not a type who restrict it as he only want a working girl or restrict is as he only want a housewife..

not the type who is manipulative manipulate knowledge in islam to bash other

it does not matter age if people question why u get older but not yet married that shows the people who question this probably bad or not a true muslim, if that people understand islam how can they dunno that is beyond our power, that is Allah fate
there are many married at 40 above still get children, they are fertile
this is allah rezq..many married at young get children late
so u wanted baby but wont care If the person is not right for u?
children is a gift from Allah some who married younger get children very late or even divorced married younger but dont get children everything is depend on Allah, it is a matter about rezq n fate

if u get it alhamdllh if not yet u make effort n see wht allah will.. if he/she love u he/she will marries u out of sincerity not to marries u for some reason eg to get children (altho everyone who is marrying wanna hv children but a person shouldnt marry u for babies) , lust, wealth, cars, to run away from problems

myb its hard but dont go for average love, u may find many can love u but the question hw much they are willing to do for u, hw much they can sacrifice for u, hw they going to treat u till old?do u think those who get married are all marrying a true love?

if u think im looking for a fairytale or wht i want is unexist, actually i hv seen this type of men exist , character and good things in a person also can be developed by time and experience so this type of men exist, stop disturbing me acting like ure god to determine it is exist or not only Allah knws everything and we are free to dua everything to Allah, i dua all yr good deeds come to me all my sin go to u ameen if u come to disturb me remmber abt this

to me people shouldnt decide to get married out of age just bcs u dont want to get older or to hv children early so u immediately decide to marry? some people dont want to marry that soon hw can u decide to marry if u dont feel convince on that person.. getting a baby or not is depend on Allah, medication has go really advance these day n who are u to question abt someone else when u dunt even knw ur own fate

i am looking for 2 in 1 person which is a lifetime best friend that is also my husband to be,start a friendship with serious intention and do wht best friend should be at the same time get to knw seriously and love me very deep
i want a very faithful one the same as me, can sacrifice for me
prefer one who love to travel (no prob to travel) wont relies on woman, helpful, doesnt mind with wht she wanna do in life either working/housewife,okay with both..let say if partner get sick/paralyse can take care and stay through thick and thin bcs marriage for him is first and last bcs thats wht a true love is and he is responsible and very faithful for a lifetime (i want someone that hold the same value as i am)
if saw something tempting/west culture he can protect his dignity and wont lose value, wont betray me in my back
can help to build a peaceful happy family surrounding

not a stingy, if ure stingy dont text me , not the type who like to complain abt life prob

if anyone by chance stop by here and being angry with my preferences why being hurt with it in the first place? questionning me if im perfect to demand some criteria? for ur information a woman should b demanding bcs a man is a leader in the family a man is a chief in a family he will be followed
im learning too abt islam i hope for someone who can help me to it
if ure questionning abt my islam to demand some criteria i wrote for ur information im learning in fact everyone is learning, no one is born with all knowledge, it does not matter ur age but learning abt religion, islam, academic knowledge etc are a lifetime process so u cant question abt hw much is someone's knowledge as long as the person is trying and wanted to learn

i dont like any man who talk randomly about other women infront of me unless she is his relative, i dont like sorry if ure this type u should find someone like u, let she talk abt other man as well infront of u, thats fair n suit u believe me if ure this type it wont b succesful with me so dont text me

i also dont like if ure trying to compare me with other woman ur not perfect as well n everyone isnt

love study, smart in study wise in LIFE
if ure trying to use any woman to forget someone or to pass time, to amuse u or text her bcs u like her pic thats loser dont come to text me
if u r trying to talk dirty dont waste ur time wanna test me go on u do a fake account haha

dont be hypocrite be truthful dont pretend to be pious use islam to make me believe in u dont swear by allah name and pretend to love me (that happened before) if ure doing this to pass time bcs u was bored
try to have hobbies u can play football, travel, go to islamic classes, learn quran,further study do small business try to get extra money many things dont be loser using an innocent woman
if ure just lonely u can make friends but why pretend to b serious pretend to love and encourage her to build an interest

Also i dont like this kind of style
let say u wanted people to trust u by keep mentiong this sentences
'im a muslim i wont lie, or betray u
myb ur trustworthy but mentioning this 'im a muslim u can trust me i wont lie' is annoying, people wanted to see ur action, wanted u to prove not by keep mentioning this sentences
if ur this annoying
please dont text me..
instead of saying that why dont u change ur word saying this
' u will knw me by time long after u knw me u will knw i am trustworthy, im a real muslim u'll know this by time' this is better than keep saying ur muslim u dont lie bla5
if u get angry text me to scold me, dont waste time,its hard for me to read or reply,
if u text someone to say bad things that shows the low intelect u have, a real decent high intelect person wont come to say harsh things

if u already liked someone else but text me just to see if u can get more option be honest and dont text me

if we are in a constant chat but u take almost whole day to reply or couldnt be committed to get to knw seriously and cant be like a best friend should be, u knw urself sorry it wont works with me dont text me
if u just wanna have a lover with no future plan, dont text me
if u cant with distance dont text me
i dont mind with distance as long as im convince in u n ure commited , distance only fail when no trust,
if u cant with distance, easy to gv up, dont text me
if u prefer dating daily dont text me i want a person who can adapt to whatever situation
if by not being able to go out for a date (bcs of distance , parents dont allow etc) with me makes u hard to be faithful or makes ur heart to look for other, dont text me, Allah will punish u if u dare to text me when u knw ure this type
after marriage i can date my husbnd daily
u cant force to phone call me if i dont want to as long as im not comfortable n dunno u i wont like phone call or video call

hijra is not my name so dont call me that
it is just a nickname i use online

last but not least dont send me messages saying you're handsome or what let me evaluate myself, faces are subjective maybe to some people that person isnt good looking but to other he is.. it depend in the eye of beholder, so stop saying your good looking its annoying, that kind of attitude is annoying..
sorry dont b mad, every living allah created is beautiful , it is subjective as well
i just dont like some character..