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49 - Sunni

salinas, Ecuador

Jul 14, 2019 17:28

Very important please take time to read all you need to know: simple and easy going. love movies, being home. I am single and searching for a serious relationship +marriage together one way paquet. i would want us to skip the relationship and go straight to marriage because I am no longer in my youth and it doesn't suit us as muslims to be on chats attracting what is prohibited, i believe when you love a woman or vice versa, all you need is to exchange few basic knowledge, the rest of getting to know each other really well is the through the journey itself of Marriage, as taught to us in Islam, All of us commit the same mistakes in meeting someone and having high expectations, which amazes me for today's Muslims brothers are falling more into the category of ''Let's get to know each other but with no intention at all of the reason that brought them here on the first place, furthermore, a lady can go further territories in her search, but for me, sadly to say, if you cannot even get away from that screen, why do you find a lady far distance? isn't it better you just look for her nearby? because automatically you like and tell a woman you like her or want to marry her, she understands right away that you are capable of crossing seas and coming forward for her, I don't mean to criticize anyone, just from experience and deceptions, once a lady gives the opportunity of affirming back too, thus when true colors are seen, thus my mind is made up to cut down and off getting to know each other through chats, or taking that long to waste time, only for serious Muslim please. High time to take the chance and risk but with trust. Any Muslim man is always advised strongly by Allah, and our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w, take a look of her, if you like her, marry her, it is better for you, only if you understand. But, if you are one of those followers of earthly pleasures first before Allah's command then you have reached the wrong lady. I appreciate you reading this far. By the way, preferably brothers with same age- a bit less or a bit more where both can feel alright, Bless you, and hope you too find what you looking for. Ramadhan Kareem in advance. May Allah help us do the right thing and be received during this Ramadhan with so many blessings, protection and forgiveness.. P.S IF YOU WANT NIKKAH I AM READY. IF BOTH LIKE EACH OTHER OF COURSE PHOTO SIGHT, AND SHORT EXCHANGE OF WORDS, IF YOU WANT CHAT AND PROLONG FRIENDSHIP ONLINE FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE PLEASE.
P..S make sure at least you are a practicing muslim - my simple questions would be like ask you to read a short piece of quran, where do you frequent for salaat i.e which masjid and its location, name of shaikh there that knows you,, it's important you are a muslim not by name but by heart and are practicing islam daily. Please keep calm and know i am a very humble lady, with a big heart, and i am only going to ask for this much- marriage and you are not taking me alone but with my daughter too. It will be a great sadaka for you, before Allah, caring and protecting 2 muslim women. and it ill be a present for me as my dowry. Nothing more i ask but your love, presence, patience and generosity towards us. Thanks for taking time to read. i hope it's clear. Shukran
p.s can someone be just serious please once for all in a lifetime? i kindly beg dont lie at least of who you are, where you are, what you do, please it's the basic of trust. do not create multiple profiles, do not play with someone's feelings, do not state things that are not true, i will understand if there are past things that are difficult to talk about, maybe you can tell one day in person, but at least be honest, as the profile means a lot and indicates basicly who you are, still it's taken into account and trusted. alright.