36 - Sunni

Aarhus, Denmark

Apr 16, 2019 09:14

I came to Denmark about four years ago. I have a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering and I worked in the field of solar energy and central heating in Syria. I learned Danish here in Denmark. I worked in an engineering company in Aarhus its name NIRAS for one year but did not get a fixed job, I have followed with course for driving heavy machinery and buses, and now I am having a fixed job as full-time contract with internal transport company it’s name Aarhus Sporveje, I am also studying for a Bachelor degree for Architecture Engineering at VIA University. l am looking for woman who believes in Allah with a true heart, she wants to wants to create good family with me, and want to teach her children the Holy Quran and prayer. we help each other both when the life is good and when we are undergoing difficulties, I hope she has compassion forgiveness. and I promise I will keep her in my eyes.