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32 - Sunni

lavele, Canada

Mar 16, 2019 17:41

hi, im jasmine. and I'm an adventurous person. I love to travel and was always known as the mischievous kid who never followed the rules. im the friends kind of person. when im not studying to become an astronomer I either make a "movie" with my friends/cousins, read books, write stores, hiking in the forest, having family time. and things like that. im average at my English though I do a lot better in math. im known as a determined person. i live with my family and I plan on living near them. our neighborhood is great with kind people. the houses are average sized with forests and small backyards in the back. it is very calm and decent place. if you want to live else where then im not the person for you. I want a person thats educated. it docent matter what. I don't care about the looks, just the actions. I don't like traditional people. Im pretty feminist. I enjoy biking, kayaking, etc.. I also don't want a boring kind of guy. I like the kind that wouldn't mind going to Africa the next day. the reason why im looking for a person is because I have found no one that wants to live in Canada.i have brown/ blond hair , pale skin, green eyes, freckels. I think im beautifull. not that I care about what anybody else thinks.i want a down to earth person like I am.And I- will - not- be - a second wife! thank you for being interested!