22 - Sunni

Vantaa, Finland

May 19, 2019 06:00

AssalamuAlaikum, I'm half Finnish, half Moroccan. Born and raised mostly in Finland. I am athletic and multilingual. I am studying chemical engineering and graduating this summer Insh'Allah. I'm looking for a life partner who shares some common interests as me and will be a caring mother Insh'Allah. I value God-fearing people who can help me get closer to Allah and vice-versa.

My parents, teachers, friends and acquaintances would characterize me as very kind, nice, honest, humble, quiet, little shy, but still confident. I am God-fearing Alhamdulillah. Other traits of me would be cheerful, joyful, caring and loyal. I also encourage people to do their best and not give up. Family comes first for me always. My personality type according to quizzes is INFP.

I take care of myself. I love sports, outdoors, photography, travelling, languages, movies, some videogames and cats.
I have never been in a relationship nor have I ever been with somebody before.

My ultimate goal is achieving Jannah Inshallah with my family. That would be true success Inshallah.

May Allah grant us a spouse that we will be pleased with. WaAlaikum Salam.