31 - Sunni

Blekinge, Sweden

Mar 15, 2019 17:11

Discovering myself. Logical. Thinker. Like to travel and explore. I speak English, Urdu, Swedish, Lithuanian and a little bit Chinese.
Like gym workout, running, movies and keeping myself update with the technology.

Living and working in Sweden.

Favourite quote: A man who has personal integrity is better placed than one whose life is spent impressing others. Nothing can take such a man's life away, for although death is inescapable, his posthumous reputation will never die.

Looking for: Someone who doesnt follow the culture and people without analyzing and has the ability or at least a wish to understand and interpret new thoughts logically in the light of true spirit of Quran.
Doesnt indulge just physically whatever the believes are, rather I prefer if internally one has the understanding, feels the need and has good reasoning. I am trying MYSELF and improving.