32 - Sunni

Ouarzazate, Morocco

Mar 11, 2019 20:34

I dont believe in chance, and my love for nature was not a coincidence, Over a hill overlooking the river and the gardens and the Atlas Mountains was my hometown, This happened during my family's summer vacation in the village , The first bath I took after coming to this life was by the river, This was the sweetest welcome for me, I dont feel bored to be in the embrace of nature, it is the mother for me, I love to look at the sky at night for all its beauty, It was my dream to be an astronaut and still, I will stick to this dream, I have a great desire to visit space,there is nothing impossible, everything is related to something called "Will", and I believe that I WILL meet the person who will check with me this dream in any way "Real Love" in Halal INSHAELLAH